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We Make Cakes to order.

This amazing golden lemon cake is extra-moist and tangy, thanks to its lemon glaze that gives it a real lemony kick. It’s great as a dessert, but I enjoy it as a little snack anytime of the day.

Approx. 12-16 servings


Signature and Gourmet Bundt/Pound Cakes

Classic- Just what grandma used to make. A classic taste of rich smooth butter. No glaze. $28 serves 16-20. 

Chocolate- Calling all chocolate lover's! This moist chocolate cake is covered in a smooth chocolate glaze and topped with chocolate shavings. $30 serves 16-20. 

Kentucky Butter Cake- CRAZY moist, buttery and coated with a luscious butter sauce that crusts the outside and soaks into the cake making it amazing for days. (If it lasts that long). 

$30 serves 16-20.

Lemon Bliss- This lovely golden lemon cake has a nice tangy flavor from fresh lemon juice and zest, and is topped with a lemon glaze. $30 Serves 16-20. 

Red Velvet- Red velvet based cake topped with a cream cheese glaze. This cake is made with natural coloring! $30 Serves 16-20.

Southern 7UP- This is an old school classic and a favorite cake from my childhood. This cake is velvety soft, bursting with lemon/lime flavor and is topped with a old fashioned 7-UP glaze. $30 Serves 16-20.

Alcohol Infused Pound/Bundt Cakes

Barbados Rum- Moist, rich and deeply satisfying. Made with Mount Gay Rum and topped with a delicious rum glaze. $40 Serves 16-20.