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Blondes Gone Wild

This is not your typical blondie bar. We have added browned butter, white chocolate chips, and cookie butter to give a twist on a classic favorite. 
$30.00 per Dozen

Outrageous Brownie

This killer brownie is the perfect marriage of a fudgie and cakey brownie without being runny or dense.
$36.00 per dozen 
$40.00 per dozen
with Walnuts 

Chocolate Chip
Seasalt Caramel Bar

Sweet, Savory, and Sinful! These rich chocolate chip bars are filled with homemade sea salt caramel.
$36.00 per dozen

Cake Bar

One of Crazy Daisy’s top sellers. This sweet bar is hard to describe, but once you take a bite you be going back to the fridge to get another piece. Original or Lemon Flavor.
$24.00 per dozen

Lemon Marscapone Blondie Bars

The combination of buttery shortbread and tangy lemon fillings makes these lemon bars irresistible.

$55.00 per dozen.